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Fargo Comic Con Selfie by RegularFrankieFan69 Fargo Comic Con Selfie :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 0 0 AMKE by RegularFrankieFan69 AMKE :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 0 0 Daisho Con 2016 2 by RegularFrankieFan69 Daisho Con 2016 2 :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 0 0 Daisho Con 2016 by RegularFrankieFan69 Daisho Con 2016 :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 1 0
Time to Say Goodbye
It had been a half hour since Magenta and her brother Riff-Raff took control of the castle killing three people in the process. They were on course for the planet Transsexual in the galaxy of Transylvania. The problem was, only two people were supposed to be killed that night, one of the dead was supposed to be set free. That person was Columbia.
Magenta stood in the very room everything had happened in alone. Riff-Raff was busy contacting the planet’s higher up's to tell them of their situation. She had decided to take this moment to say her final goodbyes to her dead lover. Holding back tears Magenta kneeled down next to Columbia’s body and grabbed her hand.
“Columbia, I’m so sorry,” she says, choking back tears, “It wasn’t supposed to be this way. You were supposed to live. You were supposed to be free.”
Magenta couldn’t hold back anymore. Tears rushed down the woman’s pale face. All she could think about was the lack of co
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Come, we are ready for the floor show! by RegularFrankieFan69 Come, we are ready for the floor show! :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 1 0 Geek.Kon 2016 2 by RegularFrankieFan69 Geek.Kon 2016 2 :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 2 1 Geek.Kon 2016 by RegularFrankieFan69 Geek.Kon 2016 :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 3 64 Janet Weiss by RegularFrankieFan69 Janet Weiss :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 3 0 Frank-N-Furter at Acen by RegularFrankieFan69 Frank-N-Furter at Acen :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 1 1 Frank-N-Furter it's all over 2 by RegularFrankieFan69 Frank-N-Furter it's all over 2 :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 0 0 Frank-N-Furter it's all over 1 by RegularFrankieFan69 Frank-N-Furter it's all over 1 :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 0 0 Two Frank-N-Furters by RegularFrankieFan69 Two Frank-N-Furters :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 1 0 OOC Frankie by RegularFrankieFan69 OOC Frankie :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 0 0 Frank-N-Furter at Wizard World Madison by RegularFrankieFan69 Frank-N-Furter at Wizard World Madison :iconregularfrankiefan69:RegularFrankieFan69 3 0


S0 puzzleshipping have fun fair, by theringofbelief S0 puzzleshipping have fun fair, :icontheringofbelief:theringofbelief 112 18 puzzleshipping by yugihara puzzleshipping :iconyugihara:yugihara 625 50 because you're here by Ren-Rin because you're here :iconren-rin:Ren-Rin 271 15 Puzzleshipping- Goodnight by LorSean Puzzleshipping- Goodnight :iconlorsean:LorSean 467 100
More Puzzleshipping Crack
Yugi: Mou hitori no boku, don't leave meeeee *sob cry*
Yami: *about to go to the afterlife, sees his crying aibou* Don't be sad, aibou
Yugi: B-but, you're everything to me~! *sobs*
Yami: ; A ; *touched* You're... everything to me, too. I'll stay, just for you.
Yami: OH GEEZ FINE *walks to die, then suddenly runs to Yugi, tucks him under his arm, and books it out of there* RUN RUN RUN
Yugi: lol whut?
Everyone: *RUNNING*
Yami: *bursts outside with everyone as place collaps, setting down Yugi* Okay, did everyone make it?
Kaiba: Anzu was pinned down by a rock on the way out.
Yugi: And you didn't help her?
Kaiba: I'm way too rich to help poor people.
Yami: Makes sense to me.
Yugi: Sooo... should we, you know, tell the police she's dead or something?
Yami: Pft, no. Let's go make out.
Yugi: o u o OKAY!
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Puzzleshipping- Never give up by LorSean Puzzleshipping- Never give up :iconlorsean:LorSean 52 5 Puzzleshipping: The End by hyuugahinotofanfic Puzzleshipping: The End :iconhyuugahinotofanfic:hyuugahinotofanfic 69 1 Puzzleshipping by zelka94 Puzzleshipping :iconzelka94:zelka94 327 109 Twin Soul by Tabulae Twin Soul :icontabulae:Tabulae 1,060 91 Hikari to Yami -puzzleshipping- by LorSean Hikari to Yami -puzzleshipping- :iconlorsean:LorSean 625 86
Some Puzzleshipping Crack
Anzu: Oh Yami's gone. Guess I can't date him. I'll just date Yugi.
Yugi: ... Yay?
Anzu: Oh Yugi I loooove-- OH HEY WAIT YAMI'S BACK, BYE YUGI
Yugi: ... Whut
Yami: What do you want.
Anzu: Why are you back?
Yami: I came for my true love. I couldn't leave them.
Anzu: Oh Yami... *eyes sparkle* I love you, too...
Yami: What? I was talking about Yugi, duh.
Yugi: Huh? o///u///o
Yami: *sweeps Yugi off his feet* LET'S GET MARRIED
Yugi: Yay!!
Anzu: NO MY LOVE *jumps off a cliff*
Yugi: Should we... go to her funeral?
Yami: Naw, let's go on our honeymoon instead.
Yugi: Fine by me!
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Puzzleshipping ID by AssassinMassie Puzzleshipping ID :iconassassinmassie:AssassinMassie 521 79 YGO - Puzzleshipping by Miyukiko YGO - Puzzleshipping :iconmiyukiko:Miyukiko 1,271 137 Puzzleshipping by chibikn1ght Puzzleshipping :iconchibikn1ght:chibikn1ght 315 78 Puzzleshipping by YamiOfDarkness Puzzleshipping :iconyamiofdarkness:YamiOfDarkness 325 99 puzzleshipping wallpaper by setsuntamew puzzleshipping wallpaper :iconsetsuntamew:setsuntamew 876 77



Hello all 5 people who follow me. Just want to post a little update. I should have more cosplay photos up in the near future because I have a Rocky Horror event on Friday and I will have a new cosplay coming. My next cosplay will be the Fourth Doctor.
Upcoming cosplays!

Audrey Fulquard (Little Shop of Horrors)
Audrey II (Little Shop of Horrors) [Drag!]
Heather Chandler (Heathers the Musical)
Veronica Sawyer (Heathers the Musical)
Jade Harley (Homestuck)
Rose Lalonde (Homestuck)
Roxy Lalonde (Homestuck)
Nepeta Leijon (Homestuck)
Magenta (The Rocky Horror Picture Show)
Nico Yazawa (Love Live)
Kotori Minami (Love Live)
Honoka Kosaka (Love Live)
Eli Ayase (Love Live)
4th Doctor (Classic Doctor Who)
Castiel (Supernatural)
Sherlock Holmes (BBC Sherlock)
I can't make a poll because I don't have the money to pay for a core membership, so this will have to suffice. When I finish all of my Frank-N-Furter and Janet Weiss costumes which character should I do next?

Trixie the Usherette

Disclaimer: Just because I cosplay the character does not mean I'll be that character in a Shadow Cast. Any Shadow Cast I join I will probably try to join as a Frank-N-Furter. In a shadow cast I would be willing to fill in for any character except Dr. Scott. Just because I fill in for a character in a Shadow Cast does not mean I will cosplay that character unless I really loved being that character.

Update on Costumes (Janet): Janet is not in use until I can get a better wig. The only thing holding my current wig's style is bobby pins because no hair products work on it. I should have a better wig in a few months. All pictures will be uploaded as soon as I can after I take them. From this point on all of my cosplays will be handmade by me, so there will be progress pictures and tales of failure and success with all my Janet Weiss cosplays. Feedback on how to do something better is strongly encouraged.

Update on Costumes (Frank-N-Furter): I'm going to try to have my Sweet Transvestite costume done by Daisho Con (November). If I can't manage to get it done by then I will have it done for Wizard World Madison (April). Floor show will be started soon after it's completion. Once those two are finished I will be revamping my Creation Scene costume because I bought all of it to meet a Deadline for a reveal. There is no goal for a finish date because I already have one of the same costume to fall back on if I'm not finished by a convention. In the process of saving up for more screen accurate shoes. From this point on all of my cosplays will be handmade by me, so there will be progress pictures and tales of failure and success with all my Frank-N-Furter cosplays. Feedback on how to do something better is strongly encouraged.

Future Conventions: I will make an effort to be at Daisho Con if I'm financially stable enough, I will most likely be at Wizard World Madison (you'll mainly be able to find me at the Shadow Cast booth if they have one again in 2017), There is possibility for Acen, I'll probably be at Anime Midwest, and I will definitely be at Geek.Kon. Plans will change if there are showing of The Rocky Horror Picture Show on any of those weekends because I love supporting the Shadow Cast. They're all amazing and have made me feel very welcome in the RHPS community.

Possible Business Endeavors: I may try to create an etsy shop to sell RHPS costumes and art. In advanced 2D art I will be creating a business card as one of the projects and I'll be handing them out at conventions. Info on those cards will include my etsy shop (if I have one), my facebook page, my tumblr, and my DA account. If anyone has suggestions for what I should call my shop/official page, please let me know.


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Ashton Zierdt
United States
I'm a Rocky Horror performer. As of the moment I do Frank-N-Furter and Janet.


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